The Greek shipping community is historically distinguished for its diverse social work that consistently and responsibly aims to ensure a better tomorrow; furthermore, in recent years it has expanded its traditional scope of actions as it led efforts effectively responding to the adverse influence of the crisis in the Greek society. This ongoing work was followed by a proposal of the Board of Directors of the Union of Greek Shipowners for the establishment of an independent legal entity that will coordinate and implement the collective charitable activities of the Greek maritime community, and which was approved at the General Assembly on February 4th, 2015.

Following the initiative of the members of the maritime community, on the outset of 2016, a non-profit entity was established under the name Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company under the title SYN-ENOSIS. This entity aims to “support the Greek society overall” and undertake social and solidarity initiatives that will improve the living standards of vulnerable social groups, support organizations and institutions related to shipping, implement social projects of public interest, provide humanitarian aid, and manage emergency situations.

SYN-ENOSIS is administered by a Board of Directors 7 members of which are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee of the Union of Greek Shipowners. Natural persons or legal entities from the maritime community as well as from the wider society are eligible to subscribe to SYN-ENOSIS upon approval by its Board of Directors. Contribution of resources and donations from members and third-party donors are committed as the means of achieving the social work targets of the Greek shipping community, thereby fulfilling the mission of SYN-ENOSIS.

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PIRAEUS BANK (shipping branch)

 137, Filonos Str., Piraeus 185 36, Greece

Bank Account in EURO:
IBAN: GR55 0172 1040 0051 0408 2798 577 
Bank Account in USD: 5104-082798-607 
IBAN: GR21 0172 1040 0051 0408 2798 607 


Postbus 749, 3000 AS Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Swift code: ABNANL2A
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IBAN: NL32ABNA0562997199
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IBAN: NL42ABNA0563000317
Wells Fargo Bank Intl, New York, Swift code PNBPUS3NNYC